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Justin Wissman

Recruiting Director

To see Justin's LinkedIn Bio, click here:. http://www.linkedin.com/in/justinwissman

RTP Q&A - Moving Forward in 2017

What is your job at RTP? I am a Senior Recruiting Partner and Client Manager here at ReSource Technology Partners.  As a Recruiter/Manager here I work with large, medium and startup companies and help to create talented teams that offer enormous and longstanding value for all parties involved. I am responsible for communicating the vision and progress of my client’s business to the outside world and attracting top talent that buys in that vision and wants to be a part of that progress. Officially my responsibility’s here are to help build dynamic and extremely strong organizations. What brought you to RTP? I have been an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember. I like the prospect of skipping boulders I guess.  RTP offered me a ground floor opportunity to help build a company based on the best technology and talent out there.  How could I refuse? Do you have any favorite stories from RTP? I’m sure there are more than a few I could tell.  I guess I should first ask who is going to see this. We have a lot of fun here at the office.  It tends to be a work hard play hard mentality and I’ll leave it at that.  (Maybe the barefoot waterskiing incident?) What does the typical day look like @ the office? I don’t know if I would go as far as to say I have a “typical” day here.  It’s constantly changing.  From meetings with clients and their potential employees to interviewing new RTP recruits, things are always moving. Why do you come to work every day? I love coming to work.  This job gets addicting.  I get to meet new people with new ideas all the time - especially given that we're primarily focused on the "tech" sector.  I hate to use the word because it sounds so cliché - but this job’s diversity makes it “fun.” What lessons has “life” @ RTP taught you? Work ethic is 90% of the game. Never lose sight of that and you will be successful. Everyone goes through times when they get frustrated and down, but if you surround yourself by people who put in the hours and the brain power then you can always bounce back and that’s what counts. What advice would you give someone who is interested in pursuing a job here at RTP or as an agency recruiter in general? If you’re looking for something different on the sales side of things just go make it happen and you won’t regret it.  It's the ultimate test of a sales guy/girl and if you’re successful in this world you’ll be successful anywhere else you go. What is the best part of working @ RTP? Random fast food runs on a Friday after a long Thursday night.  Or maybe wings runs. Free wakeboards are always great too..  Can I say that? What's the coolest thing you've accomplished thus far working @ RTP? Helping build the culture and team here.  I love helping build teams for my clients and I love it when people get that dream job they’ve been after - but behind the scenes it’s the culture and group here that we’ve created here that allows that to happen.