We make the process work for hiring managers and human resource professionals. Contact RTP and discover the benefits of working with a technical recruiter.

Benefits of working with ReSource Technology Partners:

The founding partners have 50+ years of recruiting experience

We recruit the old fashion way by asking the hard questions.
–  We work closely with our candidates and understand what they want from many perspectives. (technical, corporate environment, financial).
–  We run the job by the candidate prior to submitting the resume.
–  We will submit one or two targeted resumes to make efficient use of your hiring manager’s time.
–  We WILL NOT send along many resumes that we have matched key words on and ask you to do all the hard work.

We will present candidates that have experience, not buzzwords on their resume.
–  We are all technical with engineering degrees.
–  We realize we cannot interview a candidate in depth technically across all fields, but we are all technical enough to understand the subtle differences that the hiring manager desires.