About Us


The Founding Partners at RTP have over 50 years of staffing experience in the Boston High Tech Marketplace. They know the High Tech Staffing World inside and out, and whether you’re a technology company looking to hire OR a candidate in search of a better career opportunity, they will NOT waste your time.


If you ever were to take a step back and look at some of the more well-known recruiting firms out there you’ll find a fairly significant pattern of what could light-heartedly be called “sameness.” (Listen to 20 different pitches from 20 different recruiting firms and you may get the idea here!)

Each one will most likely be able to deliver on some of the “specialized” promises they make, but next time you’re on the phone with one try this out: Ask them who they see as your direct competitors in the industry. Better yet, ask them for five. Then ask them how they see your brand stacking up to the competition as it pertains to the battle for talent – the answers should be entertaining!

Beyond making light of a fairly standard industry practice, we’re trying to prove a point here. Most Recruiting Firms work in a high volume, fast paced, metric driven world. Often times it is their “SPEED, VOLUME, and ENERGY” that leads to their success – not their actual industry knowledge or strength of network. Now there’s nothing wrong with a little hard work, but this type of recruiting can tend to be fairly short-sighted for both the selectively looking candidate, as well as the client involved.

RTP offers a personalized service offering that focuses not on teaching the buzzword bingo “SP&E” model of sourcing and recruiting that lends itself to stopgap hiring measures, but rather long-term fixes that provide trickle-down dividends for both clients and candidates long after the seats are filled.

If you are a company that is looking to hire, we will effectively zero in on the specific type of employee that will succeed in your environment based on cutting edge personalized evaluations that take your prospective candidate screens well beyond the specifics of a given job description. If you are a job seeker we will ascertain what kind of company/job you are looking for based on a similar evaluation and then we will measure that evaluation based on both your goals as well as industry focused trends that could affect your career – ultimately letting you know if any of our current openings will be a good fit for you both in the short and long term.

We take pride in what we’ve created and what we do.  We’re a boutique local business that takes the quality component of our job VERY seriously. 

Get in touch with us and let us know how we can help you advance your company or career today!