Job Seekers

“Talent Brokering is all about strength in brand. Analyze it all you want, but at the end of the day your brand is all you have.”

Whether you’re a college student with a dream of Co-Founding the next big thing OR an industry veteran looking to re-brand your resume and perfect your interview techniques to make yourself a little more competitive for that dream job – ReSource Technology Partnershas something to offer you.

RTP Recruiting Services offer a specialized approach to personal brand enlightenment as it pertains to career-based goal setting and motivation.   When you work with one of us you’re not just going to get a “hit list” of 15 companies in the Greater Boston Market we think are “buzzword” compliant to your resume.  We’re going to look at what you’ve done, listen to what you’re looking for and then give you insights into the market that we think potentially could impact your career down the road.  Based on that conversation we will target a select number of “best fits” for both your current skillset, as well as your short and long term career goals AND we will walk with you (sometimes literally!) through every step of the interview process at each of our clients.

At RTP we are big on LISTENING to the candidates that we work with. We can only make a good long term job match if we take the time to understand what you want from multiple perspectives, even some you may not have thought of!  If you look at our track record of long term success stories – that fact shines through.

Whether you are actively searching for a new career opportunity – or just want to get a better gauge of the market and where you stand – Contact RTP.   You will be glad you did.